OZEON® plate material is a safe product to work with. The products are mainly manufactured by the volcanic rock basalt. Mineral wool is one of the most documented and examined building materials.


For the sawing of OZEON® plates or for making recesses in the plate standard tools can be used. Generally, the plate with the decorative side facing up should be sawn. At a hand circular saw where the foot is guided over the top of the plate, it is recommended to turn the plate around to saw with the decorative side facing down. Make sure to have a clean flat surface.


  • Hand saw, for example a hard point hand saw.
  • Circular saw, such as a fine tooth Widia saw blade. For example 48 pieces and a diameter of 300 mm.
  • Jigsaw, for example a fine tooth hacksaw blade or a saw blade with tungsten pellets. Recommended grain size 50.

Safety guidelines:

  • Use a dust mask type P2.
  • Use standard safety goggles to protect the eyes against dust.
  • Wear gloves during cutting.
  • If sawing indoors, make use of dust reducing sawing equipment in combination with an extractor hood in a well ventilated area.
  • If sawing outdoors, position the saw installation so that the wind blows away any dust from the dust reducing sawing equipment.


Pre-drilling is possible. If desired, screw holes can be pre-drilled with a HSS steel drill Ø 3.2 mm.
At pre-drilling for blind rivets an HSS drill is advised of Ø 5.2 mm, for fixed anchorages and a HSS Ø 8 mm for sliding parts.

Finishing sawn edges is not necessary

Finishing sawn- or side edges for the protection against moisture is not needed with OZEON® .
Use is easy using the reverse side of a leftover OZEON® strip to lightly sand the edge. On special order for aesthetic reasons, the sides can be taken into account in the production process. Without finishing the sides will fade within a few months to natural grey brown.

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