Metal processed in the exterior of a building, gives the building special character. Clean and trendy, authentic and stylish, or exciting, robust and tough. OZEON® develops siding to meet all these qualifications.
“The authenticity and characteristics of genuine metal while maintaining maximum design freedom.”

(Facade) panels with a metal finish

Copper, zinc, stainless steel, bronze and iron are some of the aesthetic facade finishing capabilities, with the intrinsic characteristics of metal. The metal is applied to a pressed mineral wool plate. The result is the aesthetic operation of genuine metal with the design freedom of compact sheet material.

Vloeibaar metaal

Bronze bp

Liquid metal

Besides the Ozeon® facade panel it is possible to provide other (front) materials with the same metal finish. The liquid metal can be applied to window frames, corner profiles, reveal and other products which are integral with the facade. In this way a harmonious facade can be created which is rather impossible with conventional materials.

OZEON® Exclusive Siding

  • Genuine and straightforward metal as facade finishing with actual added value for a building
  • maximum design freedom
  • most simple processing, manufacturing and assembly
  • applicable in ventilated facade systems
  • Sturdy but light in weight
  • Durable
  • Dimension stable
  • Fireproof
  • exclusive look

Other than for exterior cladding, these panels and the metal coating can also be used in other environments where high quality and design are important.

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