Ozeon® panels can be attached by means of screws, blind rivets or an adhesive bond. The use of the correct attachment method is important as it forms part of the European approval. See also the technical information. Click here to go to the technical documentation




As part of the European approval of Ozeon® Simson – Rockpanel Tack-S is suitable for gluing Ozeon panels.The quality of the overall end result and the adhesive glue is among others determined by the conditions during processing. Always consult with the adhesive supplier for technical approval and guarantee. The approval must explicitly mention that the system is suitable for the bonding of pressed mineral wool plate material.

PLEASE NOTE: the quality of the adhesive glue is partly determined by influences like weather and dust during the bonding. Bonding should be done according to the requirements of the supplier of the adhesive system.




A torx-screw can be coated in the colour of the plate.

Blind rivets


Blind rivets

For the attachment of OZEON® panels on an aluminium sub frame stainless steel blind rivets can be applied.

Mounting guidelines

OZEON® plate material must at mechanical fixation be attached with the prescribed fasteners on the sub-frame construction. When calculating the fixation distances take into account:

  • what is the wind load
  • maximum fixation distances for the panels
  • necessary ventilation facilities
  • difference in movements between plates and support structure
  • legal requirements
  • height of the building
  • Local rules and regulations. Per country and region adjusted tables apply for the fixation distances to mount pressed mineral wool plate.

In the download overview you will find different tables for different regions.

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