The basis chosen for the OZEON® facade panel is a pressed mineral wool plate.
Metal particles are mixed with a special binder. This creates a cold liquid metal that mainly consists of real metal. After applying the metal coating the metal has both, the external- and the physical properties of original metal.

The result of this combination is a facade solution in which the functional and aesthetic advantages of metal and the sustainable and functional advantages of pressed mineral wool plate are combined.

Optical; in time the appearance will only become nicer

OZEON® panels have a real metal finish. The copper, bronze, brass, gunsmoke or iron (rust) will evolve as metals do in its’ solid and original form. The color variation that may occur within panels is a normal characteristic of metal as it may occur with our facade plates. The fading in time is part of the natural patination process which gives character to each panel and to the whole facade.
In time the outside forces will only give the facade an even more unique appearance. Characteristic within its kind but always different.

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